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Having a Magic John Screen Protector means you can say goodbye👋 to a misaligned❌, dirty🧼 and low-quality👎 screen protector. The precise, 5-second⏱️ application process is made simple🤓 with an “easy application tray to install the screen protector. As you gently place the glass on top of the phone, Magic John has fully automatic adhesion onto your screen📲.

The screen protector that applies itself

The Magic John Screen Protector is the only screen protector you need. It attaches fully automatic, so you don’t have to worry about any air bubbles or dust getting in the way. It’s made of premium tempered glass that will protect your phone the best way possible.

Our vision 🚀

Our mission here at Magic John is simple🙌. The customer always comes first🥇. We guarantee 💯% that you will be satisfied🫂 with our Magic John Screen Protector, YOU WILL LOVE IT❤️. We pride ourselves, not only in our high quality✅ long lasting⌛ products, but also in our top-tier customer service🔝.