magic john

Having a Magic John screen protector means you can say goodbye👋 to a misaligned❌, dirty🧼 and low-quality👎 screen protector. The precise, 5-second⏱️ application process is made simple🤓 with an "easy application tray✅" to install the screen protector. As you gently place the glass on top of the phone, Magic John Factory has fully automatic adhesion onto your screen📲.

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  • Application 📲

    Our easy application kit removes the possibility of error🚫 when installing your Magic John Screen Protector.

    Magic John 's application solution is guaranteed to work smoothly with no dust💨 or bubbles🫧.

  • Privacy 👀

    All Magic John Screen Protector include a privacy filter🔒 to only allow your screen to be viewed straight on.

    Keep what's private, private✅.

  • Water Resistant 🌊

    Magic John Screen Protector feature a hydrophobic coating that pushes water off (like an umbrella☔) the surface of the screen😱.

    Rain🌧️ or shine☀️, Magic John has your back👌.

  • Shatter Proof ⚡

    Our Magic John Screen Protector feature premium quality💯 tempered glass🔝 with a resistant tension profile means less cracks and splinters😊.

Our vision 🚀

Our mission here at Magic John is simple🙌. The customer always comes first🥇. We guarantee 💯% that you will be satisfied🫂 with our Magic John Screen Protector, YOU WILL LOVE IT❤️. We pride ourselves, not only in our high qualitylong lasting⌛ products, but also in our top-tier customer service🔝.