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Become a reseller

Do you want to be a part of a global success?

We are building strong relationships all over the world. Become a reseller of the original Magic John screen protector and take advantage of great opportunities to do business at a large scale. As of today our original Magic John screen protector is sold in several reseller websites and in physical stores all around the world. We keep on looking for opportunities to grow our Magic John global success. We are hoping to do even more to serve the end-consumers the best Magic John screen protector to the world. This is only possible through partnerships. We hope to be able to work with you in the near future and add you to the Magic John partnership program.

Team up with Magic John and become a trusted reseller!

Here's What We Offer

Reduced Pricing for Resale- We offer discounted pricing depending on the situation. Please contact us and we will set-up pricing for you.

Model- We give you a price, You mark up, resell and keep the profit for yourself. Never worry about fulfilling, shipping or dealing with customer returns.

Absolute Protection- We are really serious when it comes to making sure that our distributors/resellers/dropshippers are protected. Even with some direct sales, we have no problem maintaining solid account protection and easy product returns.

Reliability- The name Magic John is well known for it’s reliability. When you give us an order for you or your client, you can forget about it. It will be done on time and shipped immediately without you having to beg us or constantly follow up saving you and us time.

Manufacturing- Magic John factory coupled with our partnered shipping companies equals huge capabilities in fulfillment and shipping times for you clients satisfaction.

Interested? Choose Retail or Dropshippier!

Become a reseller / Retail

If you run multiple stores – maybe in different markets/countries – you serve end-consumers as well as B2B – small business owners.

Please, get in touch with us if you are interested: 

Magic John:

Become a reseller / Dropshipper

You are a person or business with an online store. Typically, you don’t have inventory or fulfillment logistics.

Please, get in touch with us if you are interested in free fulfilment as well as discounted prices for your dropshipping business: 

Magic John: