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Magic John Chinese New Year 2023

To our thriving group of Magic John lovers, As the massive celebrations in China approach rapidly, we must announce the details for our holiday arrangement.

Magic John staff will start the holiday on the 17th of January, and end it on the 24th of January. We will then work to eliminate this backlog as soon as possible. Any orders will be accepted and shipped as soon as possible But it  won’t move right away. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

For Express Priority orders that were created after Jan 16 17:00, our warehouse workers will deal with them immediately, and other orders we will deal with according to backlogs – it’s highly recommended to use Express Priority for purchases during these exciting, busy (and slightly overwhelming) times.

Unfortunately, the last day we will be able to fulfill orders regularly is the 20th of January. To avoid delay, please attempt to place your orders as soon as possible, and we will deal with this as soon as we can.

During the prolonged holiday period, it is strongly advised to stay calm and rest assrued your order will be fulfilled and shipped as soon as possible, regardless if you picked Express or Express Priority.

Thanks for consideration, and we truly appreciate your loyalty during our ups, and downs, and difficult times, Magic John couldn’t have evolved, made changes or become better without all of you. We hope everyone has a wonderful Chinese New Year celebratory period, even if you do not participate in celebrations yourself.

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Spreading cheer to all!,

Magic John.