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Magic John Christmas gift guide

Christmas is the season of joy, gift-giving, families united, and of Magic John!

As Christmas approaches fast, it’s time to make your wishlist and get started on your Christmas shopping. Even when you’re shopping for your closest family and friends, finding the right gift isn’t always easy. We have put together an updated Christmas gift guide featuring Magic John products to make it easier for you.

Is it possible to gift Magic John?

It may sound strange to give a Magic John screen protector or a Magic John headphone cleaning pen as a Christmas gift – but think about what you’re actually giving: safety and protection. It’s also eco-friendly. Using our devices for longer periods of time and purchasing fewer newmobile phones and tablets uses fewer resources. In other words, screen protectors or other essential gifts are good for the recipient – and for the environment.

For Mom

Investing in a screen protector and a case for mom will make sure her phone is well protected. Our Magic John screen protector have additional features, so you can find the perfect protection for her. Some of the latest phones are available with screen protection with an antibacterial layer. In other words, 99.999% of the most common surface bacteria can’t survive on the phone’s surface for 24 hours.

Is her phone’s screen also difficult to see in the sun or brightly lit rooms? You can help her reduce the glare from the glass by giving her a Magic John screen protector. We have HD screen protectors that have anti-glare effects.

It’s obvious that phones get dirty, being carried everywhere with us all day, but we never seem to clean them. In order to assist with this, we have created the Portable Spray A Day screen cleaner, a perfect gift for mom.

Due to its antibacterial properties, the screen cleaner effectively kills bacteria that come into contact with the surface of the phone. Neither Portable Spray A Day nor its ingredients are harmful to the user or the phone; our ingredients are only sourced from sustainable sources. At an affordable discounted price of $6.20, Portable Spray A Day is available in one size and three colors.

For Dad

Finding the perfect gift for a father or husband who has everything can be challenging. Socks and underpants won’t always cut it.

Maybe your dad already has a cover, or even a case that completely covers the phone? Effective protection of the back of the phone and its edges doesn’t have to mean this kind of all-encompassing packaging. Our Magic John screen protector is strong and durable and will protect his phone from impact and shock. The transparent cover is a special feature that protects your dad’s phone, while still allowing him to see and operate all its buttons and functions.

Almost every dad loves his phone – why not give him a gift that will help him take care of it? A screen protector will protect his phone display from scratches caused by car keys and help keep the phone functioning at all times. We have a Magic John screen protector for many popular models.

For teens

Christmas this year is sure to bring plenty of smartphones and smartwatches – so protect them with screen protectors and covers. The latest models and big brands are available in our store.

Privacy is a priority for teens – a Magic John screen protector with a privacy filter would make a thoughtful gift for the holidays. A screen protector with privacy filters protects both the screen and your privacy. With the privacy filter, only the user sitting directly in front of the screen can see what is on the screen. People sitting next to you on a bus, at a café, or at school can only see a dark screen. Conversations, passwords and information on our devices are protected. With a limited-time discounted price of $16.99, you can Get a Magic John screen protector for mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and MacBooks (Soon).

Hopefully, this Christmas gift guide has given you some helpful ideas for your own wish list and gifts for others. offers free shipping and returns on Christmas gifts, so you don’t have to worry about finding something that fits the recipient’s tastes.

Don’t let your phone get scratched up!

A scratched phone screen is the worst. It’s not only a pain to have to fix, but it also ruins the appearance of your device. That’s why you need a Magic John Screen Protector. It’ll keep your screen safe and scratch-free.

Not only does this protector protect your screen from scratches, but it also protects it from shattering if you drop your phone. You don’t have to worry about anything with this protector on your device. Plus, it’s super easy to install – just attach it and you’re good to go!

Order a Magic John Screen Protector today and never worry about scratches or cracks again!