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Magic John Partners With Seel

We’re are proud to announce that Magic John is an official partner of Seel Protection.

As of today, we have partnered with Seel to provide better buyer protection for you!

Seel is the easiest way for us to build trust with you, the customer. It abstracts away the risks and complexity behind returns, instant refund, on-time delivery guarantee, warranties and so much more.

Due to a large amount of orders sometimes our employees have to work overtime to fulfill and ship your orders. Errors can sometime happen, and emails can get lost.

If you have any problem or any concern about your order, whether you are considering which Magic John screen protector to buy, if you are wondering where is your order, or for post-purchase issues; Please, Email or WhatsApp us and we will assist you.

How Can I Enable Buyer Protection For my Order?

You can opt-in Seel’s Return Assurance for a small fee when checking out, and have the confidence to place the order with peace of mind. After delivery, you can return unwanted items to Seel for a full refund.

What Does Buyer Protection Cover?

It covers delayed, damaged, and lost items that meet the following criteria:

Delay: International packages not delivered before the 30th day following order fulfillment are considered delayed. The compensation for delayed packages is $5 USD, regardless if you get the package a day later.

Damage: Buyer Protection covers item damages to the point that the item(s) are unusable, clearly fractured, shattered, bent (if not bendable), crushed, etc., but does not cover cosmetic damage (scratches, dents, etc.), manufacturing damages, packaging errors, or unsealed items. The compensation for damaged items will be up to the value paid for the purchased item(s).

Loss: International packages not delivered before the 60th day following order fulfillment are considered lost. The compensation for lost packages is the value paid for the purchased item(s).

How Do I Return?

In the unfortunate case you want to return your order, and only if you paid the small fee for buyer protection, you can go to Seel Return Portal to submit a request.

After filling a request, a Seel employee will review it and contact you with instructions to send the returned item(s) to Seel’s liquidation partner.

After the excellent customer support we have, The trust with our customers is our top priority. We hope that this partnership will enhance that. We are ready to chat over Email or WhatsApp. Don’t be shy, say hi.

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There is more to come for the Magic John community, stay tuned.

Magic John.