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Is there any benefit to using screen protection?

Magic John Screen Protectors are advertised as a way to protect your phone screen, but is it true?

Cases protect your smartphone from drops, but screen protectors are sold and advertised as a way to protect your screen itself from damage like a shield or an airbag will do. That sounds great on paper, but do you really need a screen protector for you phone

Smartphones are an expensive purchase, and all it takes is one bad-luck event to smash your shiny new phone’s screen into oblivion. There are numerous arguments and counter-arguments regarding this topic but there must be something you can do to preserve your phone.

Magic John Conducted a Survey

The survey showed a couple of surprising factors, the first being that many people believe it’s safer without a glass screen protector relying on the phone’s build quality alone. Nearly half of the people Magic John surveyed have had a damaged screen at some point, and many of them haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed for months. In fact, many people break their smartphone screens shortly after purchasing them*. Do you think it’s worth the risk?

Screen protection is similar to an airbag. If you drive a car with airbags, you will be protected in case of an accident. The purpose of our Magic John screen protector is to do just that. It prevents scratches or breakages to your phone’s screen if you scratch it with your key, drop it, etc… Magic John screen protector is designed to crack when impact occurs, so they absorb the impact and protect the original screen at all cost. When the Magic John screen protector breaks, the original screen remains intact, saving you the inconvenience and expense of having to replace it.

Why would you risk your phone? Use a Magic John Screen Protector to prevent scratches and broken screens.

*A survey was conducted in 32 countries by Magic John

Cracked Screens Are Expensive to Replace

In the old days, if you broke the glass on your phone, it was possible to replace it without replacing the screen, assuming it was undamaged. However, modern screen technology uses a lamination process, so there’s no gap between the screen and the glass covering it. This results in much better image quality, but it also means that if the glass is damaged or cracked, you have to replace the entire screen.

This integration has seriously inflated the cost of fixing broken phones and is probably why you see so many folks walking around with shattered phones—it’s just too expensive to repair and they just never get around fixing it. The real question is how likely you are to have your phone end up in such a state, and would a glass screen protector help? 

Like we’ve mentioned, in the likely event that your screen breaks, replacing it will cost you quite a bit of money. In comparison to the price of a screen repair, a Magic John screen protector is cheaper, and you can buy multiple Magic John screen protector for the same price.

It is likely that you will have to leave your phone with the repair shop for at least one day in order to have your device repaired and sometimes even more. Magic john screen protector is incredibly easy to replace if it breaks, so you can start using your device immediately. You have probably seen how easy it is to install a magic john screen protector in our magic john tiktok videos!

We need mobile devices to be functional and accessible at all times since they play such an influential role in our lives today. By using a Magic John screen protector, you add an extra layer of protection to your device, preventing the need to leave it for days or spend a fortune repairing it.

Where to buy magic john screen protector?

Should YOU Use a Screen Protector?

Smartphone screen glass has gotten incredibly tough the last couple of years. Corning’s Gorilla Glass on Android phones or Ceramic Shield Glass on the new iPhones are aggressively impact and scratch-resistant, but this doesn’t mean they are or can somehow magically prevent your screen from cracking at huge impact.

We think that phones without screen protectors are acceptable to handle some everyday use out of the box, but the emphasis here at Magic John is to ensure an extra and undefeatable multi-layer protection for your phone so even at the most extreme cases, your phone will remain intact.

If you work in a job or have a hobby that puts your phone into situations or near materials that you believe can defeat the toughness of your phone, or if you just want extra protection or you don’t want your phone to be “naked” then you definitely need our Magic John screen protector.

Screen Protectors Should Be Chosen Carefully

There’s a surprising number of considerations in play when picking a screen protector and many people overlook and pick the cheapest one thinking they would just buy another one when it breaks only to find out they keep on coming back for more. So, we’ve written this article in which we’ll carefully go over the different types of protectors and complex factors you should be aware of before making your final decision.

Your phone may already have a screen protector when you first take it out of the box. This type of screen protector we call a “Factory-fitted”. An example to where you can find this type is on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra; it comes with a protector applied that protects it from minor scratches. When it becomes too worn and damaged, you can remove it without having issues.

This is true for factory-fitted protectors in general. You can remove them immediately if you’d like and replace them with something better or nothing at all. Alternatively, you can just keep them until they need removal, but definitely don’t put a new screen protector over your existing factory-fitted one. Also, make sure what you’re seeing is a screen protector and not something else.

One advantage of a factory-fitted is that you don’t have to fit it yourself. This is good because some screen protectors are a nightmare to fit. Not only do you have to make sure that your screen is entirely free of smudges, dirt, and hair, you also have to apply the protector straight and without trapping any air bubbles. This is not the case with our Magic John screen protector! Our screen protectors come with an installation kit preventing any air bubbles or dust from getting under the glass, a wet & dry wipe and a dust removal sticker which will guarantee that you apply your Magic John screen protector the right way and without trouble or dust.

Whenever you buy a screen protector, it’s better to buy two. We believe you should have a backup in case of a terrible accident where you completely shattered your screen protector and you need to replace it ASAP. We don’t want you to walk around without one. In the case where you bought a cheap screen protector that doesn’t come with an installation kit like you get when purchasing our Magic John screen protector, it’s usually better to go to a local smartphone store and have them apply it for you.

Not All Screen Protectors Are the Same

We can’t talk about screen protectors as one single type of product. There are different types of screen protectors, and some have more practical use than others. Some protectors do more than just protect your screen.

You can get protectors that add a matte anti-glare coating to make your phone more usable in bright conditions. Ultra-clear protectors minimize the effects of the protector on the image and filter out UV rays. On the other hand, you can obscure what’s on the screen to anyone except the person looking at it straight-on with a Magic John privacy screen protector. These protectors have utility beyond screen protection.

When it comes to the main job of providing extra protection for your screen, different protectors focus on it in varying ways.

Thin TPU or PET plastic screen protectors are there to prevent micro-scratches. These protectors are the least invasive and protect against the type of damage your phone is most likely to suffer during its lifetime.

Tempered glass screen protectors like the Magic John screen protector, protect against both impacts and scratches. They are thick compared to other protector types. Thanks to their thickness, they are proven to protect better against scratches. There’s a debate whether or not tempered glass screens protect a cracked screen in a better way, but let’s not forget that the purpose of a screen protector is to protect the original screen and a more thick layer of protection will definitely keep your phone’s original glass intact.

There is also a relatively new product in the scene of screen protectors and it’s the so-called “self-healing” screen protectors. Yes, this sounded crazy to us when first hearing it as well, but let us explain; Within the screen protector is a tiny layer of microcapsules containing linseed oil which is mixed with silicone to create a protective screen. Essentially the idea is once the screen is cracked, the microcapsules burst and flow to the broken area to repair the damage. However, we have seen mixed feedback from users to whether or not it actually works.

In theory, this extends the longevity you can leave an existing screen protector on before replacing it. Whether the self-healed scratches are invisible or not depends on the situation, so far there weren’t many good results but we will continue to research this new development so Magic John can continue to provide its customers (You!) with the latest advancements in technology for your phone’s safety.

Screen Protectors Can Affect the User Experience

There’s nothing quite like using a touchscreen directly without anything between your finger and the phone. Mobile phone screens have been engineered to give you the perfect level of tactile response and offer you a crystal-clear, vibrant image using incredibly advanced manufacturing processes which fuse the screen with the touch and glass layers without daming a single pixel in the display.

So, we can all agree it seems a little off to slap a $15 Magic John screen protector on top of this, but here you need to ask yourself, what is more important to you? undoing much of what made your phone so wonderful (and expensive) in the first place? Or securing your phone with an extra layer of protection, guaranteeing the longevity of your new or existing smartphone?

The tempered glass screen protectors that offer the best impact protection are also the thickest. This means your phone’s smooth curved edge now presents a sharp edge every time you swipe over the edge, and the photos from your screen are being absorbed and refracted by the thick layer of glass.

However, you would think we would never say such things that can affect our product sales negatively, but actually, we have proven that our Magic John screen protector is much more than a normal one you would find. We can talk all day about our Magic John screen protector, but really the best way to find out for yourself is to try it. If you think we are biased, you can check out the reviews our customers wrote. If you want to try without full commitment, we have a return policy you can read. If you are looking for more information about Magic John you can read our frequently asked questions. Lastly, if you are still concerned and have not made your mind, you are free to contact us or email us as Magic John we would be happy to answer any more questions you have or find the perfect screen protector for your needs.

Final Conclusions

In the end, whether you put a screen protector on your phone or not is totally up to you, but based on what we’ve covered, we hopefully cleared some questions you had and have made it a lot easier for you to decide whether or not you should use a screen protector.

Let’s remind ourselves of the most important points which we discussed in this article; Screen protectors are primarily good at preventing minor scratches that wouldn’t affect your use of a phone anyway but would only degrade it cosmetically. Screen protectors will impact your phone’s image quality and usability to some extent.

Lastly, the final verdict to this conversation is that if you are debating whether or not you should buy a screen protector and install it on your smartphone, you probably should!

Do you want to never worry about repairing your phone again? Use a Magic John Screen Protector to prevent scratches and broken screens.