About us

We sell the original Magic John Screen Protector

Magic John has been manufacturing tempered glass protectors for 10 years. As a result of this vast experience, the company produces a top-quality product that stands out among its competitors. Unlike other screen protector manufacturers, Magic John manufactures its own screen protectors in our factory.

Take a deep dive into the Magic John factory


Several years ago, Magic John introduced a revolutionary product. The Magic John self-applying screen protectors. As a result of frustration with the lack of innovation in the Screen Protector market and difficulties attaching the protectors, Magic John developed a product that anyone can use. People can apply their Magic John Screen Protector at home and no longer have to visit a phone shop for their screen protector to be applied properly!

Magic John made international headlines after uploading funny videos to TikTok. These videos were shared, liked, and viewed millions of times, which resulted in establishing the originally Chinese company as a worldwide known brand.

Several people have re-uploaded Magic John TikTok, and we view this as a blessing. You are welcome to interact as much as you like with our funny videos and duet or create your own version of the Magic John TikTok videos for a chance to win a FREE Magic John Screen Protector! (Email your submissions at Magic John magicjohnfactory@gmail.com)

Our dedication to customer service

At The Magic John, we have one simple goal. It is the customer who comes first. Choosing our Magic John screen protector will not just satisfy you, it will delight you. The quality of our products and the quality of our customer service are two of the things that set us apart from our competitors and resellers (aside from being the original!).

Be aware of copycats

The original Magic John Screen Protector can be purchased online from several websites. We can't tell you who to support, but you should remember to not be fooled by low prices, and do your own due-diligence by for example looking closely at the product images on other websites and determine if they resemble our Magic John original videos before you interact with the website and before you input your personal details. Be worried of phishing and receiving cheap screen protectors instead of the original Magic John Screen Protector. We guarantee the Magic John screen protector on our website is the original, exact version you will find in our many TikTok's, and if for any reason you are not satisfied we offer FREE RETURNS!

Our vision 🚀

Our mission here at Magic John is simple🙌. The customer always comes firstđŸ„‡. We guarantee 💯% that you will be satisfiedđŸ«‚ with our Magic John Screen Protector, YOU WILL LOVE IT❀. We pride ourselves, not only in our high quality✅ long lasting⌛ products, but also in our top-tier customer service🔝.